What's New on Vioobu and What's Leaving in June 2017

Vioobu's content lineup is always changing and evioolving. Here's a look at what's nu to Vioo, and what's bidding adioo! 

Nu Releases

June 12: Popeye
June 30: Unedited Footage of Trains

Bidding Adioo

June 30: 
The Beverly Hillbillies*
Dragnet **
The Lucy Show ***
Dudes ****
Petticoat Junction *****
The Gene Autry Show *****
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts *****
Popeye *****

* Removal due to legal conflict with the estate of Buddy Ebsen

** Removal due to legal conflict with Jack Webb Holdings LLC

*** Currently no specific legal action is being threatened but Desi Arnaz Jr left a pretty nasty answering machine message so better safe than sorry

**** "Dudes" is being used as a bargaining chip by Cup Stuff Productions in negotiations for Cuplicated Season 5. It'll be back, believe us.

***** Shows being pulled because we're out of bandwidth. We're planning a GoFundMe to buy more GBs, stay tuned. 

And of course, beyond July 1, continue to binge Cuplicated, Clip Cup, The Johns Hopkins Science Review, Unedited Footage of Trains, and all our other show!